Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arizona Politics - Keep Your Head On Straight, Pard

Phoenix - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had to admit she was wrong about the beheadings.

In front of a live television audience and a throng
attending a candidate's debate in Phoenix, she said of references she has made to beheadings and other forms of drug cartel violence, "That was an error, if I said that."

She did say that, according to her opponent Terry Goddard,an underdog who was trailing by 20 points in July.

What's more, he can prove it.

Mr. Goddard has dredged up video in wich the Governor said
Arizona law enforcement officers have found headless bodies
of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers in the deserts
along the Arizona border.

His supporters are saying they will be able to play the
video endlessly during the run-up campaign prior to the
November elections.

Confronted with the reality of her miscue, Gov. Brewer
added, "But you know, let me be clear. I am concerned about
the border region because it contineus to be reported in
Mexico that there's a lot of violence going on and we don't
want that going on in Arizona."

When Gov. Brewer signed the tough new anti-illegal
immigration law passed by the Legislature into effect, her
stock shot up even higher.

Since then, the federal government has challenged and won an
injunction, citing the questionable constitutionality of the
state law that would allow local police and state
authorities to detain and investigate persons whom they find
probable cause to believe they are illegal aliens. If they
discover they are in the country illegally, the law would
allow them to turn them over to Immigration and Customs
Enforcement officials for deportation.

Knowledgeable observers are laying around the lick log and
waiting to see what will happen in the battle for the hearts
and minds of Arizona voters, and to see if this is the issue
that will put Gov. Brewer over the top, or if it will spell
out her demise.

For the record, the beheadings are all to real in the
continuing war between the Gulf Cartel of Tamaulipas State
and the Zetas, an enforcement arm that is making moves to
take over the trade in illicit narcotics, marijuana
cultivation in the U.S. national forests, and human
smuggling of sex slaves and illegal workers.

An insurgent group of former Mexican Special Forces soldiers
trained by the U.S. Army, it is their signature method of
killing for terroristic effect.

We have the pictures to prove it.

Once you have beheaded an enemy on one side of the border,
what's the difference in doing it on the other side of some
imaginary line that appears on maps?

Good question, no?

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