Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mayor, Aide Found Stoned To Death In Michoacan State

Blood-splashed Monday nets many lives in Mexico's drug world

Morelia, Michoacan - When lawmen found the two bodies abandoned in a pickup on a lonely dirt road, it appeared they had been hacked to death with machetes.

Closer inspection revealed that assassins killed Tancitaro Mayor Gustavo Sanchez and his advisor Rafael Equihua by hurling stones at them. He was the eleventh mayor killed this year by drug gangsters – the fifth since Mid-August.

In this region, soldiers have destroyed more than 20 methamphetamine labs during the past year. Police found City Council chief Gonzalo Paz dead after drug manufacturers kidnapped, tortured and killed him earlier this year.

In other violence Monday in Michoacan, five gunmen and a marine died in a fire fight in the Pacific coast town of Cohuayana.

Eight gunmen and a marine perished at Reynosa in a similar gun battle.

Gunmen raided a police outpost in Chihuahua, subdued 10 guards and escaped with 40 automatic rifles. Lawmen were questioning the men who surrendered to see if they were in collusion with the raiders.

Police captured a man who allegedly set up the car bomb that killed three people in Juarez after killing a man, dressing him in a police uniform and luring emergency medical technicians and other police to investigate on a crowded city street. American federal officers say that attack resembles the type of stealth car bombings carried out by jihadist terrorists in mideastern cities such as Jerusalem.

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