Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fire Pelosi Bus Tour Swings Through Six Shooter Jct.

Waco - Republican National Chairman Mike Steele stepped down off a concrete bench in Heritage Square and walked over to a little boy of elementary school age.

His lanky frame towered over the kid, who grinned up at him.

“This young man owes $55,000 and he hasn't done a thing to deserve it,” said Mr. Steele.

A ripple of laughter surged through the crowd of about a hundred who had waited patiently for the big, red bus emblazoned with the words “Fire Pelosi” in letters at least a yard high. In his opening remarks, Mr. Steele told the crowd that he tells Democrat friends who criticize the paint job that he is aware it's “a little understated.”

But the young boy stood and solemnly stared up at Mr. Steele, a slight grin playing around the edge of his features. The kid wasn't really sure where all this was going. He just knew it was fun.

He endured some complimentary remarks about his attire, certain buttons and stickers his mom had put on his shirt, and the like.

Then the immensely powerful politician glad-handed him and said, while delivering a 2,000 megawatt smile with a huge grin, “Baby, I hope you've got the money because it's gonna be hard to pay off a debt like that - $55,000 – and you're just a kid!”

Then Mr. Steele read some notes about a wire report on something former Democratic Presidental candiate Senator John Kerry (D-Ma.) said just today.

“You remember him, don't you? The guy with the big boat and the whatever?”

Another ripple ran through the crowd, this one with an angry tone.

“The reason the Democrats are having the problems they are is people don't always understand,” he quoted Senator Kerry as saying. “The people stopped paying attention years ago.”

That remark brought forth a burst of merriment.

Mr. Steele followed up with the remark that the Tea Party has been paying attention. And how.

He went on to explain that people are sick and tired of the kind of leadership that just naturally assumes they don't know what's best for them, so it will impose from the top down a plan that will set them free.

“The people don't want government control; the people don't want government health care...” he concluded.

The moment passed, but the mood was light after the crowd had listened to Texas GOP National Committeewoman Bora Van Dormolen, a retired Lt. Col. In the U.S. Army, talk about the need to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi down the road. It will require the winning of 39 new seats and replacing just that many Democrats to elect a new Majority candidate for Speaker of the House. She said, “I'm teed off.” Her goals for Texas GOP activists are simple and on message. Demographic surveys show that the majority ethnic type in Texas will be Hispanic long before mid-century.

“Get more Hispanics elected,” said Ms. Van Dormolen.

Simple, straight to the point and succinct, it was the main thrust of her message, other than her displeasure with the performance turned in by the Democratic Congressional leadership, particularly Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco.

The tone was upbeat, festive and friendly, but on message to the point of obsessive adherence to a line of conversation regarding the runaway federal spending that they think is the root of the problems this nation is now enduring.

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