Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top American General "Incensed" By Burn Quran Day

Kabul - Thousands protested The Church of The Dove's plans
to burn the Quran on 9/11.

General David Petraeus, commander of all troops in
Afghanistan, told television newsmen this morning that it's
something that could very well spell danger for our troops
in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world.

Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesvilla, Florida, has long
preached that "Islam is of the devil," something that has
made him an enemy of Muslims worldwide.

Islamic people are planning ways to keep their own adherents
from becoming violent during planned protests on 9/11
. A
protest concerning plans to build a mosque near the site of
Ground Zero in lower Manhattan is threatening to overwhelm
memorial services to be held at the site of the World Trade
Center, where the jets crashed into the buildings on that

The war in Afghanistan is one of counterinsurgency.
President Barack Obama has recently announced he will begin
to withdraw troops next July.

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  1. If a man with a gun says he'll kill several people if you say "boo!", as a Christian, of course you will say "boo!" because you have already made up your hatefull, no excuse me, Christian, loving mind. Besides, it's your right to say whatever you want, no matter who gets killed, right?