Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TEA Party Senate Candidate Wins Alaska GOP Primary

Joe Miller, a Tea Party-backed candidate, won the Alaskan Republican primary. Now that he has won, members of the national committee that helps GOP candidates for Senator win elections is waiting and watching to see what he will do.

Just days ago Miller was accusing the National Republican Senatoria. Committee of what he called “meddling” in the campaign on his opponent's behalf. As late as last week, the candidate said he thought the GOP should stay "on the sidelines."

Nevertheless, the committee put out a statement immediately applauding his win. They will make a decision about supplying money and sending support staff if the candidate requests it.

Now that he’s the presumed nominee, NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh says his group is willing to help Miller with staff and funds.

The national group that helps Democrats get elected to the Senate says it believes Scott McAdams is a strong candidate, but it would not say whether it plans to send money and support staff up to Alaska. A spokeswoman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says it never talks about fundraising strategy.

The DSCC would not issue a statement about the Senate race or its level of support for McAdams.

Alaska Senator Mark Begich says he fully plans to ask the DSCC and others to get involved and contribute to the McAdams effort.

The Senator said he thinks the race is wide open, and will likely be tightly contested in the end. Begich added that since McAdams won the Democratic primary last week, his campaign has garnered tens of thousands of dollars in donations from Alaskans.

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