Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poll - Bill Flores Leading 19 Points Over Chet Edwards

Bill Flores is leading the Texas Congressional District 17 race for U.S. House of Representatives by 55% over incumbent Rep. Chet Edwards' 36% share.

The revelation came in a poll released by OnMessage, Inc., a Washington, D.C., scientific market share polling firm retained by Young Gun Republicans vying to unseat Democratic Representatives nationwide.

Said Wes Anderson of OnMessage, “More than anything else, it is the national wave, including the messaging that Congress is broken and is spending us into oblivion and taxing us into oblivion, and we're sick of it.”

The poll was done on September 19-20 while both campaigns were running television ads. It has a margin of error of 4.9 points.

Mr. Anderson also said he believes the voters polled were reacting to attack ads the Edwards campaign directed at Mr. Flores.

Mr. Flores told reporters that he was impressed with the number of cross-over independent voters attracted to his campaign.

“That group of people was always the group that Chet Edwards was able to attract to vote for him, but now they're seeing past the way he describes himself, and they determined he's not really independent, that he is a Pelosi Democrat.”

A new ad aired today entitled “Fork In The Road” that ties the Edwards campaign to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca). Paid for by The American Future Fund, a 501(c)4 organization with conservative politics, the ad is appearing on network channels in Waco and on cable channels in the Dallas-Ft. Worth broadcast area.


  1. Como se dice "WhoooHooooo" en espanol?

  2. En el lingo de Texicano, se dices “¡Bodacious!” Now we see if Edwardo y Compania can come from behind and close a gap like that in just a few days. Contributors favor the frontrunner when it comes to TV money. Makes me wonder if way in the back somebody got money in a sack. ¿If so, will they spend it on more propaganda de broadcast-ola?

    That's why I look forward to late September. Beats any pitcher's duel on record and you don't have to worry about parking since El Guajolote de la Verdad Inconvenient-ola, Sr. Alberto Gore de Tennessee, put in these here desktop skyboxes de internet-ola.

    Third batter down to retire the side as the home team comes to the plate in the bottom of the ninth, no hits, no runs, no errors – other than a display of blazing fast ball pitching.

    En Aggie Speak-ola, se dices, ¡Now you chunkin' 'em in there, Bill Flores!

    We pause now for station identification and a few commercial announcements.

    El Legendario

  3. That is, there is an old Spanish proverb: "With patience and saliva...etc." It regards certain practices amongst the elephants and the ants.

    El Legendario